About us

G.O.B. import/export

The G.O.B. Import / Export stems from the need to provide the market with professional and reference figures for what concerns Import / Export in Italy and Europe, addressing with regard to the choice of suppliers to countries with a strong historicity of export and in the process of development such as: Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India and the East in general.


The company boasts qualified trustworthy staff with on-site offices with the possibility of checking goods and selected suppliers both before and after the customer’s order, providing a 360 ° control of the supply chain from the foreign producer to the final consumer with:

  • Search and selection of suppliers based on specific customer requests;
  • On-site continuous monitoring of the quality provided by the companies chosen as strategic partners, having trusted collaborators who live and work in the countries of origin, with the possibility of post visits and pre-shipment of the material;
  • Possibility of shipping samples of the production that is valid to the incoming lot before the shipment of the complete order;
    Presence in the Italian market with sector professionals in all regions.


Currently the G.O.B. Import / Export covers its range of action in various fields including:

  • Wholesalers in the Agriculture and Nursery sector;
  • Construction sector wholesalers;
  • Possibility of product research on specific request of our customers;